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NEP Partnerships and Sponsorships

The Boston Dream Soccer Association

NEP Announces Partnership with Boston Dream 

Boston, Mass. (April 12, 2021) ― The NEP is proud to announce our most recent partnership with The Boston Dream Association.  The Boston Dream Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 2020 to foster leadership development for women and girls. The Dream offers soccer players education and training in leadership, coaching and career development, and connects these women to opportunities and young players throughout New England via community-based initiatives.

“The NEP is thrilled to be working with The Boston Dream Association with immediate effect.  We are committed to supporting girls and women in the game of soccer and have recently announced our NEP Women in Coaching and Leadership Initiative where we will look to support the growth and education of female coaches in the New England region.  We are aligned with The Boston Dream Association in our efforts to support women in the game and are looking forward to providing greater opportunities to not only our women competitive athletes but also to our women coaches.  We believe this partnership is a wonderful first step for our League as well as for our region in order to support a much needed and deserved effort in the soccer community.” noted Adam Scott, League Director of the New England Premiership. 

"The Boston Dream Soccer Association is thrilled to be working with the best clubs in New England through the Premiership.  Our goal is to create more women leaders, especially in soccer, and working with the players, staff, and community connected to the NEP will help achieve that goal.  We want the women we work with to be engaged with soccer for life and have a positive, meaningful, and long-term impact on the sport."

To read more about the Boston Dream Soccer Association, please click here.

Veo Technologies

New England Premiership X Veo

Official video provider for New England Premiership

The New England Premiership is excited to have Veo as our official video provider! We are fully committed to enhancing our League experience for all of our NEP member clubs, their members of staff and most importantly their players and families. Veo’s first in class technology and unmatched support resources make them an ideal partner for our League.

Through our partnership we are able to provide all or our affiliating clubs $200 off a Veo camera purchase. This offer is eligible with the purchase of any annual subscription and by completing the New England Premiership x Veo membership discount form HERE

"We look forward to working with Veo and providing onsite video components to our NEP / NPL League play, our NPL Final 4 Weekend as well as to our NEP New England Regional Cup competitions. With the increased need for game film, we are thrilled to be able to find new ways to highlight our players and to support our coaches and clubs. Being able to work with Veo and directly provide value to our developing players and families is essential for the NEP as we look to continue to grow and develop as a League" noted Adam Scott, NEP League Director.

"Additionally, we look forward to supporting our Referee Mentorship Program with Veo video support. Being able to have our local referees watch game film and reflect on their role within each and every game is incredibly important towards helping this vital part of our game feel supported. We are confident that our new partnership with Veo will be met with tremendous excitement around the NEP and will result in a positive experience for all involved!"

To learn more about the NEP's partnership with Veo, please click HERE

Sponsored by Soccer Parenting Association

Soccer Parenting Association

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Boston, Mass. (February 16, 2021) ― As part of a continued effort to enhance the youth soccer experience for its membership, the New England Premiership announced a partnership today with the Soccer Parenting Association. Through the relationship, clubs and parents will be provided valuable resources and information via access to the Soccer Parent Resource Center’s coach and parent education platform.

“The mission of the NEP is to work with and provide support whenever possible to our 23 Member Clubs. Each Club is unique but all of them look to support their coaches, their players and their parents and we want to join them in that endeavor” said Adam Scott, League Director of the New England Premiership. “Soccer Parenting provides a resource for both club leaders and their parents that supports this mission.  This partnership will help us continue to promote a standard of behavior that leads to a positive and healthy atmosphere for all participants in the game.”   

The Soccer Parenting Association seeks to improve the experience for youth soccer players by engaging and supporting the players’ parents on topics related to the Body, Mind, Coach, Parent, Next Level and the Game, as well as providing education for coaches to establish positive relationships with players and parents.

“The investment New England Premiership is making towards positively affecting the lives of soccer players, families and dedicated coaches within their league structures is commendable,” said Skye Eddy, Founder of the Soccer Parenting Association. “We are proud to work with the New England Premiership and are encouraged by their commitment to improving the youth soccer landscape in the region.”

The Soccer Parenting Association believes that the top priority for all youth sport organizations should be a positive youth sporting experience where all children feel inspired, develop important life skills, and establish healthy habits they will take with them for life. 


Sponsored by PUMA


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Boston, Mass. (March 16, 2021) ― As part of a continued effort to enhance the youth soccer experience for its membership, the New England Premiership (NEP) announced a sponsorship today with sportswear manufacturer, PUMA. Through this sponsorship, the NEP will continue to provide added value to its member clubs and players at NEP events and competitions.

“The NEP is committed to providing our clubs and most importantly our players with the very best soccer experience possible.  One of the areas that we wanted to improve was the player experience at our major NEP competitive events,” noted NEP League Director Adam Scott. “Our NPL Final 4 Weekend and New England Regional Cup competitions should look and feel top notch. We want our young athletes to remember these competitive experiences and feel special the moment they arrive at our event venues.  Aligning our league and these competitions with an outstanding brand like PUMA is a fantastic step in delivering on this mission.”

Through this sponsorship, PUMA will be the official game ball provider for both the NPL Final Four and New England Regional Cup competitions for the next three years.  PUMA will also work with the NEP to provide added support towards the NEP’s grassroots initiatives as well as support towards recognizing NEP player achievements.

“We could not be more excited and proud to partner with PUMA.  They are a local organization with their North American headquarters moving to Somerville, MA and they are well positioned to support the NEP as they understand our New England club soccer landscape.  We cannot wait to work with our friends from PUMA and make our NEP run events the best possible for our players this Spring 2021 season” said Scott.

The NEP’s sponsorship with PUMA will last through the 2023-24 competitive club soccer season.  

Sponsored by Beyond Pulse

Beyond Pulse

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Boston, Mass. (March 25, 2021) ― As part of the NEP’s continued efforts to provide added value to our players, coaches and Member Clubs, the NEP has officially partnered with Beyond Pulse with immediate effect.  The goal of this partnership is to help teams in the NEP gain access to high quality wearable technology at a reasonable price.  

“Beyond Pulse was created with one mission in mind. To transform the youth soccer experience for players and coaches across the US and beyond.  Helping coaches to reflect, learn and grow is our passion and the data our Smart Belts provide will certainly help make that happen. With that said, our belts are not only a great way for coaches to grow but they also help players learn about their training habits, work rate and physical development as they work to reach their soccer goals. We look forward to supporting all of the players and coaches that are part of the NEP in this process” said Tom Shields, Beyond Pulse Global Director of Club Development and Coach Education.

“The NEP is committed to finding valuable ways to support not only our players but also our coaches.  Partnering with Beyond Pulse allows our clubs, coaches and players the opportunity to have greater access to BP’s belt technology and therefore greater ability to take advantage of the individual development and growth aspects that the wearable technology provides.  We continually look for our coaches to have opportunities to learn and grow and in turn, know that our players will only benefit from that growth.  Beyond Pulse will also provide educational opportunities to our players as they continue to learn more about themselves and their physical development.” noted Adam Scott, League Director of the New England Premiership. 


Beyond Pulse is fully committed to this partnership with the NEP and will be provide the following to the NEP and its Member Clubs:

  • Additional 5% NEP Discount for all NEP Member Clubs ($130 regular price - $117 Special NEP price)
  • Beyond Pulse Road Tour - The BP Road Tour will visit as many NEP events and clubs as possible.  BP will set up at NEP events in the BP Motor Home.  BP will provide NEP teams the opportunity to have on-field demos and one month of free reporting.
    • The Beyond Pulse Road Tour will look to attend our NEP Regional Cup quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.  The Road Tour will also look to attend our NPL Final 4 weekend and while in the New England region will then look to visit all NEP Member Clubs who are interested in having them at their facilities.
  • Beyond Pulse will make available product / educational webinar opportunities for ALL NEP teams requesting presentations. NEP Member Club coaches will be invited to 2xNEP exclusive access coach education webinars
  • Beyond Pulse will set up and execute NEP Beyond Pulse Coach Mentorship Program for select NEP coaches from NEP clubs that purchase the BP belts for at least 1 team (15 belts) within 30 days of the official partnership announcement.  Each club may invite 1 coach to participate in this exclusive series.
    Beyond Pulse will provide on-field demonstrations for any NEP team requesting a demo (live if possible and virtual if not) 

NEP clubs can sign up for Early Registration for Beyond Pulse demos by using this link.