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NEP Signs New Four Year Sanctioning Agreement With US Club Soccer

By Adam Scott, 02/08/21, 9:00AM EST


From NEP League Director Adam Scott

"We are excited to announce that the NEP has signed a new 4 year Sanctioning Agreement with US Club Soccer that will run from July 1, 2021 until July 31, 2025.  The NEP has flourished under the current Agreement we have with US Club Soccer and we are confident that our League will continue to grow and thrive in the seasons and years to come as we extend our working relationship with US Club Soccer.


US Club Soccer has provided the NEP with the autonomy to support our League, our clubs, our coaches, and most importantly our players. This autonomy was on full display this past fall as we navigated the Covid-19 pandemic and our overall return to play.  We very much value this level of flexibility and believe that we are well positioned to continue to support our developing players and teams to provide them the very best soccer experience possible in an ever changing club soccer landscape.


As part of our new Sanctioning Agreement the following Registration Fees for both players and coaches will be provided by US Club Soccer:

  • 2021-22 Registration Year / Governing Season:
  • U9-U11 Super Rec $12 & U12-U19 $17
  • 2022-23 Registration Year / Governing Season:
  • U9-U11 Super Rec $12 & U12-U19 $18
  • 2023-24 Registration Year / Governing Season:
  • U9-U11 Super Rec $12 & U12-U19 $22
  • 2024-25 Registration Year / Governing Season:
  • U9-U11 Super Rec $12 & U12-U19 $24

*All members of staff will have a $25 registration fee, valid for 2 years, throughout our new 4 year Agreement


Additionally, US Club Soccer is committed to supporting the NEP with all aspects of our overall league development and standing in the New England marketplace.  This will include full autonomy to run our NPL brackets as we see fit.  We will also be supported with increased NPL Showcase opportunities as well as the ability to develop and run our NEP New England Regional Cup competition to best support our New England soccer landscape.  Thank you to our Board of Directors for all of their time and dedication to support this important Agreement.  Thank you to all of our 22 Member Clubs for their feedback, support and patience throughout this process.

The future of the NEP is bright and we are thrilled to have you a part of it."


All The Best,

Adam Scott

NEP League Director