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Our November Member Club Spotlight goes to Cedric Hasenfratz, aka Papi, from Liverpool FC Academy.

Papi was nominated by his colleague at LFC Academy for always going the extra mile for the children he coaches. A favorite for both parents and players, he consistently goes above and beyond to make the experience special for all. From ice cream trips after games to end of the season award nights, the little details make Papi a stand out coach.

 Papi coaches 2 teams at LFC Academy, but always makes himself available in a pinch when his colleagues need him to cover a program. The NEP was bombarded with letters from Coach Papi’s team, and the consensus was almost unanimous that he is one of the best coaches around. We will let the parents and players speak for themselves.

 “He doesn't talk about what players are doing wrong, he just tells them what they should be doing." 

“Coach Papi took an emotionally flat and deflated group of players and made them a whole new team this year.  His energy, enthusiasm, and expectations allowed the girls to begin seeing themselves as good soccer players and teammates, capable of beating any opponent.  Papi goes the extra mile organizing team gatherings, finding additional playing opportunities, and coaching every player to reach her potential, both as an individual and as a team player.”

“Coach Cedric instills the values of discipline, perseverance, and hard work. Each practice is well planned to focus on skill development in a creative and engaging manner. During practices, games, and tournaments, Coach Cedric emphasizes the importance of teamwork and sportsmanship. My sons have learned the importance of playing fairly, as well as, to win or lose gracefully. As a parent, I could not ask for anything more of a coach.”

“I have played with my team for only one season, but Coach Papi has made us feel like a family. Coach Papi makes each player feel like they are an important part of the team. He always knows what to say whether we win or lose. He makes sure we know that each player on the field has an important job. He always reminds us that teamwork is what wins games. Coach Papi deserves every award possible. He is the #1 COACH. I wish he could be my coach FOREVER.”

“At the young age of 8 my son had to undergo a surgery that would take him out of the game for more than a year.  During those times, Coach Papi ensured that this little keeper got the attention and motivation he so needed to work hard and battle back.  Coach Papi shared his own experiences of playing and healing through injuries.  His kind nature, motivating spirit and love for soccer shined through when one of his players desperately needed it. Proscht Coach Papi!”

“Not every coach will treat your child like their own.
Not every coach will give all he has at practice and at games.
Not every coach will make your child feel like a crucial part of the team.
Coach Papi is not like every coach. 
We can't thank him enough for all he did for our son and the team over the years.”

“Our daughter has had the opportunity to play for a couple of soccer clubs, but we can honestly say that it wasn't until she joined Liverpool that she felt like she found her soccer family. This connection can 100% be attributed to Coach Papi. Since the day she stepped on the field at tryouts, she has never doubted or questioned where she belongs.”

“For a period of time our daughter was losing interest in soccer. We can honestly say from personal experience that a coach is what makes a team. Thanks to Coach Papi, our daughter has not only become a more skilled soccer player, but her interest in the sport has turned into a passion.”

Finding a skilled and dedicated coach who is able to develop skill sets, while boosting self-confidence and self-esteem is rare, but Liverpool has found that in Coach Papi! 

“He holds up to the nickname Coach Papi with his father-like and unconditional attitude and support towards his players.”

“When you have a young child entering sports, it can be overwhelming for the child and the parent. From day one, Coach Papi put both my son and myself at ease. His communication was excellent, taking us through every step of whatever he was discussing. He pushed our kids to be the best they can be - with encouragement, recognition, and self-reflection. Not only did he teach my son soccer skills, but he taught him many life lessons to take with him moving forward. They learned teamwork, perseverance, camaraderie and how to overcome obstacles. And how much soccer did they learn?  Well, Papi assembled a group of friends from recess and made them a championship soccer team.”

“It is with great pleasure that I write to you about Coach Cedric and the many years he has dedicated to coaching my son. Our son was not interested in soccer until Coach Cedric, or as the kids call him “Coach Papi”, came along and showed him a higher level of the game.  Coach Cedric’s dedication to practice time and team work over the years has been influential to all the boys on his team. He has learned techniques and skills to truly enjoy, understand, and appreciate the art of soccer. Coach Cedric treats his players as family and we continue to keep close contact with him. He has passed along his passion and knowledge of soccer to the boys that will stay with them forever. My son has made great friends and become a stronger athlete training with Coach Cedric over the years.”

“So our family is in agreement, it is Coach Papi's enthusiasm that sets him above other coaches! His true love of the game shines through and spreads to his players and their families. He has found a balance between challenging the girls to do better, instructing them through their mistakes, and making sure they are enjoying themselves and loving the game. We're huge fans!!!”

“His commitment to the kids is unmatched. He is always the first one on the field and the last one to leave, sometimes running from field to field.  The kids know that he would never ask them to do something that he has not done himself many many times before.  His expertise of the game is clearly world class. We are thrilled that he is our sons’ coach.“ 

“My daughter said to me the other day “Dad, I know I wasn’t excited about trying out for a new team but I’m so glad you encouraged me to give LFC a try and stick with it! I love my team!” That kind of comment can only come from a girl who is proud of her team and feels supported by all involved; which all starts with the head coach!”

 Last but certainly least, a few words from Coach Papi’s favorite players, his son and daughter.

He puts effort into helping us be a better player , as a team and an individual. He takes time out of his busy schedule for us and He has a heart for everyone and everything that has to do with his soccer family.

He took not players from different countries but from my friends from school.  They entered their first league and didn’t win a single game. Season after season.  But Coach Papi would never give up.  A couple years later, our team won the league as champions.  A year later we qualified for a national tournament in NYC.  He turned friends from school into champions. He never gives up on his players.

And that’s a wrap on the November Member Club Spotlight. As mentioned, we didn’t even include many of the kind words about Coach Papi. 

If you know a player, coach or Director who is going above and beyond on the pitch or in their community, submit their name and story to



Our very first Member Club Spotlight belongs to Candice Dangora, current coach for four girls teams at Aztec.

Candice is the Assistant Coach at Salem State University and works as a special education teacher in Beverly, MA. Growing up in Beverly, she was an Aztec player herself, and came full circle by returning to the club as a coach more than10 years ago.  

Candice has skills to work with both young athletes and old - including those athletes who are about to launch their own college soccer careers.  She's a doer and a strategic thinker in sport. In 2021, Candice launched a new brand called, "Let's Kick It, LLC" out of Beverly, and hosted more than 100 girls in its first year for a one-week soccer camp for girls only. Recognizing the need for more female coaches in the sport, Candice raised her hand to host a women's coaching clinic this summer for the NEP as well.  

Candice is also a full-time special education teacher. This detail gives further insight into her patience, her emotional intelligence with her athletes, and thoughtful long-term planning for each athlete in a sport where female coaches are the minority.  She is a rare gem in the club soccer world where sometimes money and revenue can usurp best decisions and best practices for guiding young athletes and girls.  She does this by staying true to her experience and her players, and is highly regarded in the soccer community.   We are so happy to have you in our NEP Family, Candice! 

If you would like to submit a player, coach, Director or other member of our #NEPFamily please email


CHARLESTON, S.C. (Sept. 21, 2021) – US Club Soccer is launching a month-long “Importance of Coaching Education” interview series. The interviews will showcase continued coaching education efforts being made by leagues and clubs across the country and the significance of coaching education in the sport.

Starting on Wednesday, September 22, US Club Soccer will feature several league directors that have hosted U.S. Soccer Federation C, D and Grassroots coaching courses this summer. The interviews will be streamed live on US Club Soccer’s Facebook page at

In summer 2021, US Club Soccer has hosted over 100 courses in 12 states, and has educated over 1,000 coaches in that time span. Since 2018, US Club Soccer has hosted over 450 Grassroots and D courses. US Club Soccer has also hosted five C courses in several regions in 2021.

Full schedule is available here:

Mark your calendar for Sept. 29, 2021 at 1:00 PM ET for US Club Soccer interview with New England Premiership League Director, Adam Scott.

NEP Announces FC Juventud as Associate Member Club

By Adam Scott 08/17/2021, 5:45am EDT

The NEP is excited to announce that Juventud NE (Revere, MA) has officially become our third Associate Member Club for the 2021-22 season. Our Associate Member Club Initiative, announced in the Spring of 2021, looks to work with the leadership teams of applying and accepted clubs to provide support, guidance, education and a first-in-class competitive environment for their players, coaches and families. The Initiative will allow applying and accepted clubs the opportunity to play in the NEP in appropriately placed competitive brackets.  

Idalia Rodríguez says, "Being able to join the NEP has been our goal since the start of FC Juventud New England. We believe that the league shares the same beliefs as we do when it comes to taking care of the next generation of players and that is why we are looking forward to working closely with the NEP. A big thank you to Adam Scott for being able to give our teams a place to develop and play at a high level."

NEP League Director Adam Scott noted, “The NEP welcomes Juventud NE to our family of clubs.  We are thrilled to be able to work with Boris, Idalia and the Juventud NE staff for the 2021-22 season.  We are also excited to support the community of Revere, MA and the developing players at Juventud NE. In speaking with Boris and the leadership team at Juventud NE it was clear that the vision that they are seeking for competitive league play aligns with our league goals and organizational structure.  The NEP is committed to listening to the feedback and areas of support needed to assist and aid our clubs so that they can best support the players and the communities that they work and reside in.  Juventud NE has looked to support their players at every turn as they have grown as a club and we are thrilled to be able to add another layer of support to both their staff and most importantly to their aspiring soccer players.  We welcome Juventud NE and can’t wait for their teams to be a part of our Competitive Fall 2021 season.”

NEP Announces Become Elite as Associate Member Club

By Adam Scott 08/12/2021, 10:15am EDT

The NEP is proud to announce that Become Elite Soccer (Merrimack Valley, MA) has officially become our second Associate Member Club for the 2021-22 season. Our Associate Member Club Initiative, announced in the Spring of 2021, looks to work with the leadership teams of applying and accepted clubs to provide support, guidance, education and a first-in-class competitive environment for their players, coaches and families. The Initiative will allow applying and accepted clubs the opportunity to play in the NEP in appropriately placed competitive brackets.  

“We’re over the moon to be welcomed into the NEP and very grateful to Adam, Martyn and the NEP Board for accepting us. We’ve been searching for a Club level league that only plays on Sundays to allow us to pursue what we have set out to do and that is help and work within our local Communities to allow them to grow and improve and in turn we will provide a higher level of play ourselves. We were running into too many conflicts being in the same league as our communities and so now playing Club on a Sunday will allow our players to play for their Communities on a Saturday. After speaking with Adam our philosophies and future visions were aligned almost word for word and so it was an easy decision for Become Elite Soccer”, said Owner Carl Ashley. 

NEP League Director Adam Scott noted, “The NEP welcomes Become Elite Soccer to our family of clubs.  We are excited to have the chance to work with Carl, his members of staff and most importantly the players at Become Elite Soccer. We as a league are committed to working with like minded organizations that are driven by decisions that are best for the players and their development both on and off the pitch. Become Elite Soccer’s vision and approach to player development as well as their understanding of how to best support individuals as human beings away from the club soccer world is outstanding.  We are thrilled to be able to support Become Elite Soccer in their continuing efforts to provide soccer programming to local players and families. Our goal is to support those efforts through coach education, collaboration and a fun and competitive environment for their teams and players.  We welcome Become Elite Soccer and can’t wait for their teams to be a part of our Competitive Fall 2021 season.”

The NEP is proud to announce that Cambridge Youth Soccer (Cambridge, MA) has officially become our first Associate Member Club for the 2021-22 season. Our Associate Member Club Initiative, announced in the Spring of 2021, looks to work with the leadership teams of applying and accepted clubs to provide support, guidance, education and a first-in-class competitive environment for their players, coaches and families. The Initiative will allow applying and accepted clubs the opportunity to play in the NEP in appropriately placed competitive brackets.  

“Cambridge Youth Soccer is very excited to be joining the NEP.  Our new program provides every player in Cambridge a City League experience and for those of our ~1400 players who also want a higher level of competition, we are excited to be offering the opportunity to play against some of the best clubs in the area.  We look forward to working with NEP and the member clubs of this great league” noted Jason Targoff, President of Cambridge Youth Soccer.

NEP League Director Adam Scott noted, “The NEP welcomes Cambridge Youth Soccer to our family of member clubs.  We are thrilled to have the chance to work with Jason, his coaching staff and most importantly the players at CYS. We as a league are committed to working with communities like Cambridge and organizations like CYS to support their continuing efforts to provide soccer programming to local players and families. Our goal is to support those efforts through coach education, collaboration and a fun and competitive environment for their teams and players.  We believe it is our responsibility as a league in our region to continue to find ways to increase accessibility to soccer experiences in urban communities, so we cannot wait to see what the future holds for CYS!  We are excited to begin our efforts in the coming weeks as we prepare for our Competitive Fall 2021 season.”

NEP Announces Partnership with Honest Game

By Adam Scott 07/19/2021, 4:15am EDT


Boston, Mass. (July 19, 2021) ― The NEP is thrilled to announce that we have forged our first partnership of the 2021-22 competitive season with our friends from Honest Game. Honest Game are academic eligibility experts and will be a virtual compliance tool for all NEP member clubs and their student athletes and families. Honest Game makes navigating NCAA academic eligibility to college sports simple, using unofficial transcript data to calculate and project NCAA academic eligibility.  Honest Game gives NEP student-athletes a guided plan to become Academic Qualifiers, increasing access to college sports.

“The NEP is deeply committed to supporting all of our student athletes.  We believe in providing support to our NEP Family not only on the field of play but off of it as well.  All of our member clubs are dedicated to supporting their players and families as they look to reach their goals of playing at the collegiate level.  As a league, we want to do all that we can to help this process and know that the addition of Honest Game as the official academic arm of the NEP will be a fantastic value add and resource.  Through this partnership with Honest Game, our member clubs and their players / families will have discounted and affordable access to Honest Game’s amazing virtual platform that will provide immediate academic eligibility clarity and support in what can be a challenging area for aspiring student athletes and their families” noted Adam Scott, League Director of the New England Premiership.

About Honest Game  

Honest Game, founded in 2019 by Kim Michelson and Joyce Anderson, is a Chicago startup in the sports technology space. Honest Game’s technology helps high school student-athletes navigate the college academic eligibility process and works with public and private high schools, coaches and counselors, club sports teams and individual athletes to ensure student-athletes complete the academic requirements required to play sports in college.

As a public benefit corporation, Honest Game is the first digital platform to track a student-athlete’s academic progress in real time so they can meet National Collegiate Athletic Association requirements and access available college athletic scholarships. The startup provides academic eligibility status for each player and can identify when a student needs summer school or credit recovery courses to become college eligible, allowing college coaches to know immediately if student-athletes meet academic eligibility requirements to be recruited.

Quote from Honest Game (Kim Michelson - CEO) “We are excited to be the official academic partner for the New England Premiership and are thankful for them valuing the holistic student-athlete. This partnership is a transformational opportunity for the New England Premiership and Honest Game to use sport as a vehicle to higher education and impact future generations”

To learn more about Honest Game and utilize our NEP membership perks, please visit their website here

NEP Announces Brand Sponsorship with PUMA

By Adam Scott 03/17/2021, 1:45pm EDT

Boston, Mass. (March 16, 2021) ― As part of a continued effort to enhance the youth soccer experience for its membership, the New England Premiership (NEP) announced a sponsorship today with sportswear manufacturer, PUMA. Through this sponsorship, the NEP will continue to provide added value to its member clubs and players at NEP events and competitions. 

“The NEP is committed to providing our clubs and most importantly our players with the very best soccer experience possible.  One of the areas that we wanted to improve was the player experience at our major NEP competitive events,” noted NEP League Director Adam Scott. “Our NPL Final 4 Weekend and New England Regional Cup competitions should look and feel top notch. We want our young athletes to remember these competitive experiences and feel special the moment they arrive at our event venues.  Aligning our league and these competitions with an outstanding brand like PUMA is a fantastic step in delivering on this mission.”

Through this sponsorship, PUMA will be the official game ball provider for both the NPL Final Four and New England Regional Cup competitions for the next three years.  PUMA will also work with the NEP to provide added support towards the NEP’s grassroots initiatives as well as support towards recognizing NEP player achievements.

“We could not be more excited and proud to partner with PUMA.  They are a local organization with their North American headquarters moving to Somerville, MA and they are well positioned to support the NEP as they understand our New England club soccer landscape.  We cannot wait to work with our friends from PUMA and make our NEP run events the best possible for our players this Spring 2021 season” said Scott.

The NEP’s sponsorship with PUMA will last through the 2023-24 competitive club soccer season.  


NEP Announces Legacy SC As New Member

By Adam Scott 02/08/2021, 10:15am EST

The NEP is proud to announce that Legacy Soccer Club (Hanson, MA) has officially become our twenty third NEP Member Club with immediate effect.  

Legacy Soccer Club was formed in 2018 and grew from their roots as Easton United Soccer Club.  Legacy under the leadership of CEO and Director of Coaching John Barata have successfully provided their players and families with a love for the game of soccer and have strived to create an environment of learning, development and positivity.  Through their three pillars of Pride, Power & Purpose, Legacy quickly became one of the leading clubs in the Club Champions League here in New England both on and off the pitch.  

In 2019, Legacy received US Club Soccer’s ‘Good Housekeeping Seal’ as they were granted it’s coveted Players First licensing for their commitment towards improving the club soccer experience for their players and parents.  Players First is built on the foundation of five pillars: Club Development, Coaching Development, Player Development, Parent Engagement and Education & Player Health / Safety.  

“Legacy Soccer Club is delighted to have the opportunity to join the New England Premiership. The NEP continues to represent the highest level of play in the Northeast and is home to top quality clubs that go beyond industry standards. This is a testament to the hard work of our players, families and coaches” said Legacy's CEO and Director of Coaching John Barata. “The new direction of the NEP promotes collaboration and a healthy professional development environment. We look forward to our families benefiting from local competition, regional access to higher levels of play and a continued concentrated focus on player development. We are excited about the opportunity to join the NEP, as it is regarded as one of the top leagues in the country.” 

NEP League Director Adam Scott added, “The NEP welcomes Legacy Soccer Club to our NEP family of member clubs.  We have the utmost respect for all of the good work that John Barata has done for club soccer in our region and are thoroughly impressed with the rise and development of Legacy Soccer Club under his leadership.  We are thrilled to be able to work with Legacy’s staff, players and families to provide the very best soccer experience possible this Spring 2021 season and beyond.  The NEP is fully committed to working with each of our Member Clubs to allow them to have a voice in the direction and improvement of our League.  We welcome collaboration and an environment where like minded individuals in the soccer community can work together to ensure that our players receive all of the requisite playing and development opportunities needed to support their individual and collective development.  Adding a club like Legacy to our League is another fantastic step towards achieving our commitment to our clubs, players and families. We are extremely excited to have them on board and look forward to seeing their teams compete across the NEP this upcoming Spring season!” 

To learn more about Legacy SC you can visit their website HERE

From NEP League Director Adam Scott

"We are excited to announce that the NEP has signed a new 4 year Sanctioning Agreement with US Club Soccer that will run from July 1, 2021 until July 31, 2025.  The NEP has flourished under the current Agreement we have with US Club Soccer and we are confident that our League will continue to grow and thrive in the seasons and years to come as we extend our working relationship with US Club Soccer.


US Club Soccer has provided the NEP with the autonomy to support our League, our clubs, our coaches, and most importantly our players. This autonomy was on full display this past fall as we navigated the Covid-19 pandemic and our overall return to play.  We very much value this level of flexibility and believe that we are well positioned to continue to support our developing players and teams to provide them the very best soccer experience possible in an ever changing club soccer landscape.


As part of our new Sanctioning Agreement the following Registration Fees for both players and coaches will be provided by US Club Soccer:

  • 2021-22 Registration Year / Governing Season:
  • U9-U11 Super Rec $12 & U12-U19 $17
  • 2022-23 Registration Year / Governing Season:
  • U9-U11 Super Rec $12 & U12-U19 $18
  • 2023-24 Registration Year / Governing Season:
  • U9-U11 Super Rec $12 & U12-U19 $22
  • 2024-25 Registration Year / Governing Season:
  • U9-U11 Super Rec $12 & U12-U19 $24

*All members of staff will have a $25 registration fee, valid for 2 years, throughout our new 4 year Agreement


Additionally, US Club Soccer is committed to supporting the NEP with all aspects of our overall league development and standing in the New England marketplace.  This will include full autonomy to run our NPL brackets as we see fit.  We will also be supported with increased NPL Showcase opportunities as well as the ability to develop and run our NEP New England Regional Cup competition to best support our New England soccer landscape.  Thank you to our Board of Directors for all of their time and dedication to support this important Agreement.  Thank you to all of our 22 Member Clubs for their feedback, support and patience throughout this process.

The future of the NEP is bright and we are thrilled to have you a part of it."


All The Best,

Adam Scott

NEP League Director


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