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National Premier League

Spring 2022 NEP NPL Final 4 & US Club Soccer 2022 NPL Postseason

Below you will find schedule information for our Spring 2022 NPL Final 4 event that will take place June 11th & 12th.

You will also find US Club Soccer 2022 NPL Postseason information on their National NPL events this summer.  The winners of the NEP NPL Final 4 will advance to these postseason pathways on both the Boys & Girls competitions.  

Good Luck!

Spring 2022 NPL Final 4 Qualifiers

NPL Final 4 Qualification Breakdown

4 League Winner
 5-6 2

*U18/19 Boys will be the top 2 in each bracket*


Please note there are some brackets in which only the 1st game against all opponents will count, a further individual email has been sent out regarding these brackets affected. 

2022 NPL Postseason

NEP NPL FINAL 4 2021-22 Winners

Our NPL Final Four weekend was a huge success. Below are our age group winners and those who qualified for the National NPL Final 4 or East/West Playoffs.

U13 - 2009
Boys - Aztec Boys 2009 NPL
Girls - Legacy 2009 Girls Pride

U14 - 2008
Boys - Boston Bolts 2008 East
Girls - South Shore Select 2008 NPL Sky Blue

U15 - 2007
Boys - Aztec Boys 2007 NPL
Girls - Spirit Of Liverpool 2007 Girls MG

U16 - 2006
Boys - Aztec Boys 2006 NPL
Girls - Bayside FC 2006 Girls NEP/NPL

U17 - 2005
Boys - Aztec Boys 2005 NPL
Girls - FC Stars 2005 New Hampshire Girls NPL

U18/19 - 2003/2004
Boys - Boston Bolts 2003/04 Central NPL
Girls - Aztec Boston Girls 2004

NEP NPL FINAL 4 2020-21 Winners

U13 - 2008
Boys - Boston Bolts 2008 South Elite NPL
Girls - NEFC 2008 SS Elite Girls (cannot attend)

U14 - 2007
Boys - NEFC 2007 West Elite Boys 
Girls - NEFC 2007 West Elite Girls

U15 - 2006
Boys - Seacoast Utd Bedford 06 Elite Boy
Girls - NEFC 2006 West Elite Girls

U16 - 2005
Boys - Seacoast Maine South NPL 05 Boys* National Runner Up! 
Girls - NEFC 2005 West Elite Girls

U17 - 2004 
Boys - Boston Bolts 2004 Boys West Elite Black
Girls - NEFC 2004 West Elite Girls 

U18/19 - 2003/2002
Boys - NEFC 2002/2003 West Elite Boys Red
Girls - NEFC 2003 West Elite Girls



The NEP is proud to be one of the strongest NPL Member Leagues across the country.  Our NPL level teams (U13-U19) compete in NEP / NPL league play here in New England with the hope to qualify for our local NPL Final 4.  The NPL Final 4 consists of the 4 best NPL teams per age group / gender and will be held the weekend of June 12-13th at Mass Youth Soccer's Progin Park complex in Lancaster, MA.  The winners of each age group / gender will then advance to US Club Soccer's Regional & National competitions.


The National Premier Leagues (NPL) is a national competition platform created to elevate and change the competitive youth soccer landscape by:

  • extending developmental principles espoused by U.S. Soccer into more age groups and clubs
  • linking competition with player development and identification platforms
  • providing meaningful weekly competition culminating in a national postseason

NPLs are leagues unified under one national competition platform and based on a common technical framework. More specifically, the NPL provides a platform:

  • focused on long-term player development
  • for the country’s top soccer clubs, allowing consistent, meaningful high-level games appropriately scheduled with higher training-to-game ratios and eliminate calendar congestion
  • integrated with the id² Program, which includes Player Development Programs (PDPs) in select local markets, and that works closely with U.S. Soccer staff regarding player identification, and player and coach development
  • designed and structured by the clubs, based on the needs of the clubs
  • that provides an avenue for qualification for the Girls NPL Finals and US Club Soccer Boys National Championship


Click Here to visit the US Club Soccer NPL Homepage!

2020-21 NPL Member Leagues