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Club Applications For The 2022-23 NEP Competitive Season Open!

The NEP  welcomes new club applications for the competitive 2022-23 soccer season! 

Option 1 - NEP Member Club

This option is for interested clubs who are looking to be a full blown member club of the NEP.  They must meet the current NEP Membership Standards (see below) to be considered for acceptance.  NEP Member Clubs are official NEP clubs and have a Member Club vote for all League matters.  Interested clubs are asked to fill out the NEP Club Application Form - NEP Club Application Form 2022-23

** Deadline for NEP Member Club Applications is set for July 1, 2022

Option 2 - NEP Associate Member Club 2022-23

Concept: The NEP holds itself, as a competitive youth sports league, to the highest standards.  We are committed to supporting soccer as much as possible in our region.  We recognize that there are numerous non-NEP clubs in our region and that some of them are looking for a League that can best support them on their club soccer journey.  These clubs are growing and developing organically year after year and are seeking a League set up that will continue to support them from a structural and competitive standpoint.  After listening to clubs in our region, we recognize that our current Membership Standards may close doors to these developing clubs who are on the right path but without access to the NEP, cannot reach the Standards necessary to achieve Member Club status at present.  The NEP recognizes that there are clubs that, given the chance, could continue to grow and develop to meet the current NEP Membership Standards and that there needs to be access points into the NEP to support clubs with this ambition.

Structure:  For the 2022-23 competitive soccer season the NEP Associate Member Club Initiative will look to work with the leadership teams of applying and accepted clubs to provide support, guidance, education and a first in class competitive environment for their players, coaches and families.  The Initiative will allow applying and accepted clubs the opportunity to play in the NEP in appropriately placed competitive brackets.  

Accepted clubs will have access to NEP coach education events throughout the 2022-23 season.  Accepted clubs will be invited to all NEP club events, development opportunities and have access to all other NEP Initiatives for the 2022-23 season.  Accepted clubs and teams will follow all of the NEP Member Club expectations throughout the year.

At the conclusion of the 2022-23 season each newly accepted Associate Member club will have an end of year review with the NEP League Director, NEP Director of Operations and NEP Board of Directors to review the season and progress made.  At this end of year review meeting, all parties will discuss and outline the next steps needed in order to become an official NEP Member Club for the 2022-23 season.

Applying Club Requirements:  

  • This Initiative is open to a maximum of 5 clubs for the 2022-23 season
  • Applying Clubs must have been a functioning club for the past 3 years and have a history of competitive play, organization and leadership
  • Applying Clubs must have a defined Director of Coaching/Technical Director who is a licensed coach.  This Director must also be active in their efforts to further their coach education in an effort to reach the NEP Membership Standards requirement of having their USSF B License (if they do not already have this license)
  • Applying Clubs must have a defined administrator/registrar
  • Applying Clubs must have a working and up to date website/social media channels
  • Applying Clubs must be open to working together with other NEP clubs and be willing to collaborate with them to improve the soccer landscape in our region and soccer communities at large

How To Apply: 

  1. Club President / Owner / Director should email NEP League Director Adam Scott ( to inform the NEP of your application
  2. Club President / Owner / Director should fill out and submit the NEP Member Club Application prior to July 1, 2022 - NEP Member Club Application Form