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Inside College Athletic Recruitment

NEP Announces Partnership with Inside College Athletic Recruitment


Boston, Mass. (May 7, 2021) ― The NEP is proud to announce our most recent partnership with Inside College Athletic Recruitment. The goal of Inside College Athletic Recruitment is to help prospective college athletes and their families maximize their potential during the recruitment process and optimize the resources available to them. Inside College Athletic Recruitment is an educational course for athletes to enroll in to help them on their athletic recruitment journey. The course is led by creator and current University of Massachusetts Amherst Men’s Head Coach Fran O’Leary.  

“Coach O’Leary’s wealth of experience in collegiate athletics will best support aspiring athletes currently competing in the NEP on an individual basis as they navigate their recruitment journeys. This is  especially true during such a unique time period as we continue to work through the pandemic and adjusted recruitment time periods. The NEP is committed to finding new ways to support our players across all of our member clubs and feel that Inside College Athletic Recruitment will provide added value and support to players and their families as they look at the next phase of their athletic and academic journey,” noted Adam Scott, League Director of the New England Premiership.

The Inside College Athletic Recruitment course will help players and families (both male and female) understand:

  • How to get started on the college athletics recruitment journey
  • How to navigate the college search during a pandemic
  • What college coaches look for in prospects
  • Best strategies to get noticed
  • How to correspond with a coach

The Inside College Athletic Recruitment course will also provide:

  • 21 high-quality videos, broken into 8 sharply focused modules
  • All-in access to bi-weekly podcasts from current NCAA Head Coaches
  • $50 discount for the regularly priced $149 course for all NEP players and families

Coach O’Leary will also be joining a Zoom podcast with NEP League Director Adam Scott for NEP families only. “We are delighted to partner with the New England Premiership and look forward to sharing our educational course with their teams throughout New England. Our goal is to provide an inside and practical look into the world of college recruitment, which in turn will help bring focus and clarity to the search process,” added Coach O’Leary. 


You can learn more and register here. Don’t forget to use our discount code, NEP1.