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Beyond Pulse


Boston, Mass. (March 25, 2021) ― As part of the NEP’s continued efforts to provide added value to our players, coaches and Member Clubs, the NEP has officially partnered with Beyond Pulse with immediate effect.  The goal of this partnership is to help teams in the NEP gain access to high quality wearable technology at a reasonable price.  

“Beyond Pulse was created with one mission in mind. To transform the youth soccer experience for players and coaches across the US and beyond.  Helping coaches to reflect, learn and grow is our passion and the data our Smart Belts provide will certainly help make that happen. With that said, our belts are not only a great way for coaches to grow but they also help players learn about their training habits, work rate and physical development as they work to reach their soccer goals. We look forward to supporting all of the players and coaches that are part of the NEP in this process” said Tom Shields, Beyond Pulse Global Director of Club Development and Coach Education.

“The NEP is committed to finding valuable ways to support not only our players but also our coaches.  Partnering with Beyond Pulse allows our clubs, coaches and players the opportunity to have greater access to BP’s belt technology and therefore greater ability to take advantage of the individual development and growth aspects that the wearable technology provides.  We continually look for our coaches to have opportunities to learn and grow and in turn, know that our players will only benefit from that growth.  Beyond Pulse will also provide educational opportunities to our players as they continue to learn more about themselves and their physical development.” noted Adam Scott, League Director of the New England Premiership. 


Beyond Pulse is fully committed to this partnership with the NEP and will be provide the following to the NEP and its Member Clubs:

  • Additional 5% NEP Discount for all NEP Member Clubs ($130 regular price - $117 Special NEP price)
  • Beyond Pulse Road Tour - The BP Road Tour will visit as many NEP events and clubs as possible.  BP will set up at NEP events in the BP Motor Home.  BP will provide NEP teams the opportunity to have on-field demos and one month of free reporting.
    • The Beyond Pulse Road Tour will look to attend our NEP Regional Cup quarterfinals, semifinals and finals.  The Road Tour will also look to attend our NPL Final 4 weekend and while in the New England region will then look to visit all NEP Member Clubs who are interested in having them at their facilities.
  • Beyond Pulse will make available product / educational webinar opportunities for ALL NEP teams requesting presentations. NEP Member Club coaches will be invited to 2xNEP exclusive access coach education webinars
  • Beyond Pulse will set up and execute NEP Beyond Pulse Coach Mentorship Program for select NEP coaches from NEP clubs that purchase the BP belts for at least 1 team (15 belts) within 30 days of the official partnership announcement.  Each club may invite 1 coach to participate in this exclusive series.
  • Beyond Pulse will provide on-field demonstrations for any NEP team requesting a demo (live if possible and virtual if not) 

NEP clubs can sign up for Early Registration for Beyond Pulse demos by using this link.